All India Council of Paramedical Science & Research

Eligibility for Affiliation & Open the Institute/College

Every application seeking for affiliation of an Institute /College would be make in written sign by the Head of the Institution to the Secretary of All India Council of Paramedical Science & Research, Delhi. No any fee is refundable as Per rules of council. Seeking affiliation, Institute may apply on prescribed application form of AICPMSR after depositing Rs. 500/- in name of the Council.

After receiving the complete application form from the Institute/College, council need following information along with required documents, it must be submitted in council’s Corporate office at New Delhi.

  • A short briefing of the Institute/ College indicating the educational exPerience along with each members/heads, list of members( Name & Address) and financial background also.
  • A list of teachers and suPervisory staff with their qualifications.
  • Details of course of training want to commence in the Institute/College in first academic year.
  • Whether the building of Institute is of its own or rented, if rented a receipt and rent agreement from the house owner to be attached.
  • A rough map of the building with dimension of classrooms, office and laboratories. Brief account of Library, Hostel, Health Care, Curricular facilities etc.
  • Details of Laboratory including equipment and other material for practical training.
  • Details about the sources of specimen required to run practical classes in various courses.
  • Inspection team will be appoint by the Secretary /Chairman to visit the premises of the institute for physical verification. Inspected team will report to Secretary/ Chairman. Affiliation may be granted /extended temporary or Permanent on the report of inspection team.

Basic Requirements For The Establishment Of The New Institution

  • The building of the institute should be pollution free, lighted and airy & toilets etc
  • The building should have necessary accommodation expect Principal’s office
  • Dispensary & Testing Labs on charitable basis is necessary.
  • Sitting arrangement of the student, space of each class room should have 25x25 sq.ft.
  • All principal and Clerk offices & Classrooms should have well furnished with documents, stationary & Black Boards etc.
  • The College/Institute should have libraries for use of staff and students.
  • There should be sufficient class rooms to accommodate all sections or class and laboratories for Anatomy, physiology and Pathology with adequate equipment and apparatus for the teaching.

Required Documents and Stationary for Institute/ College.

Meeting book, staff attendance register, students attendance register, admission register, letter receipt and dispatch register, payment register, forms of applications for admission, prospectus, identity cards and other necessary registers files and paPers.

Institutes/colleges should also note that:

  • Inspection and affiliation fees are non-refundable and nontransferable under any circumstances, whatsoever.
  • The Council reserves the right to terminate affiliation to any institute/college without prior notice if it fails to function according to the instructions laid down by the Council.

For Affiliation:

Applications are invited seeking affiliation to open institutions and Colleges from individuals, Medical Institution/Nursing Home, Trust or Societies from all over India. Apply on ID before 30th June.

Affiliation form:

Affiliation may be applied on prescribed application Form, it available from Corp. Office for Rs.500/- by speed post after payment by Draft or Cash transfer in Account of All India Council of Para Medical Science & Research, Delhi-110059. After receiving duly field application form Council will decide to proceed for the affiliation any institute in any city of any state of India as a training center for prescribed course/courses. Having declaration from applicant's society/institution has to be submitted with application to institute run for the research and development of Paramedical System and not for commercial purpose.

Affiliation Charges

After completion of all the above formalities the below charge shall be deposited in the office by Draft in favour of All India Council of Para Medical Science& Research, at Delhi After meeting all requirements specified by our Council, the following charges have to be Borne by the institution/college before actual grant of affiliation:

  • Inspection fee- Rs 20,000/-
  • Affiliation fee: Rs 25,000/- Per Faculty
  • Affiliation for all Faculties with 50% Fee Sharing : Rs 1,50,000/-
  • Affiliation for all Faculties without Fee Sharing: Rs 3,50,000/-(Registration Fee of Rs 1000/- Per Student and Examination Fee to be paid.)

Requirement For New Establishment

  • Accomodation.
  • The building of the Institute should be non-polluted, airy & lighted.
  • The building should have separate Principal office
  • Dispensary & Testing Labs should be well established with all necessary lab equipment.
  • Institute should have on administrative office, classroom faculty wise, commen room,
  • Library with related books and infrastructure.
  • Institute should have separate toilets for girls & boys students.

Charge And Total Seats

Course’s Name Affiliation Fee Total Seat Affiliation Term
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Rs. 50,000/- 40 3 yr
Diploma in Radiology Imaging Technology (X-Ray, E.C.G. Tech. CT Scan, MRI Scan) Rs. 50,000/- 40 3 yr
Dip.O.T. Tech Rs. 40,000/- 20 3 yr
Dip. Dental Tech. Rs. 25,000/- 20 3 yr
Dip. Eye Ref. (D.Op.T.) Rs. 40,000/- 20 3 yr
Dip. Plaster Tech. (D.Or.T.) Rs. 55,000/- 20 3 yr
Diploma in Hospital Management Rs. 80,000/- 30 3 yr
MPHW Rs. 40,000/- 20 3 yr
Diploma in Physiotherarpy Rs. 1,00,000/- 40 3 yr
Diploma in Dialysis Technician Rs. 1,00,000/- 20 3 yr
CMLT Rs. 45,000/- 20 3 yr
Certificate in Physiotherapy Rs. 55,000/- 20 3 yr
Certificate in Radio Imaging Technology Rs. 45,000/- 20 3 yr
Certificate in Dialysis Technician Rs. 65,000/- 20 3 yr
Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Science Rs. 1,00,000/- 40 3 yr
Diploma Course in Community Medical Services and E.D. Rs. 1,05,000/- 30 3 yr
Course in Acupuncture, Acupressure Rs. 85,000/- For Each 30 Each 3 yr
Diploma in Vaternity Science Rs. 40,000/- 30 3 yr
Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy Rs. 50,000/- 30 3 yr

← For more detail about instruments and basic requirement in laboratory of Hospital or Institute, may be collect from Corporate Office of All India Council of Paramedical Science & Research, Delhi

Examination rules guidelines conduct of examination:

Date of Examination:

  • The date of all Examination of council shall be fixed by the Council in accordance with the ordinance relating to the examination.
  • The council hold two examination in a year i,e. Yearly and Semester. The yearly examination is hold during the month of Feb / March and Semester during the month of August / September each year.